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Hello, my name is Sonia. I am a natural gifted psychic clairvoyant and medium, with a positive empathic and sympathetic approach, offering comfort and support to anyone who seeks help with spiritual guidance.

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West Midlands Psychic Readings

I have been spiritually aware for many years, and I am able to see feel and hear spirit.

My West Midlands Psychic Readings will link you to loved ones, friends and family, to share memories joy, laughter and may be a few tears

I am a member of The Association of the Holistic and Complementary Practitioners and The British School of Yoga. I have a Diploma in Clairvoyance in which i have been awarded a Distinction. I work through my spirit guides, ascended masters, Guardian angels, meditation and prayer.

I truly believe that: to God all souls are equal, that the soul and love are eternal and that we are all connected. Contact me, a trustworthy clairvoyant for your West Midlands Psychic Readings.

Psychic Light

I have been a Psychic Clairvoyant Medium since early childhood, my Mother was also a Psychic.

I have been helping people of all ages for many years with my Psychic Light/Counselling skills and abilities, and that is why i decided to devote my life to Spiritual work and helping people a long time ago.

Having reached a certain age (we won't go there) I decided to form Psychic Light and Soul, I have met some wonderful people from all walks of life on my journey and I am always happy to meet new friends. I call my people friends as after we have met , I get to know you so well, it is like an extended family.

It is my pleasure to work in this field and I will always promote" love and light to all " Blessings, Sonia.

West Midlands One to One Readings

At Psychic Light and Soul the main requests are for West Midlands One to One Readings.

The readings can be done at my home or your home/premises. I can also travel out to for group readings (minimum 6 people).

For more information on West Midlands One to One Readings,Call Sonia at Psychic Light and Soul, Telephone 01902 830825 , or mobile 07970732648.

Psychic readings Birmingham - Clairvoyants Birmingham

The gift of sight is a phenomenal one, illuminating our paths as we journey through life. However, possessing the natural gift to see beyond the mortal world is one that is so very sacred that few individuals are gifted with. When we pass on and leave our loved ones behind, there is often so much we would have wanted to say, just as there may have been responses and replies. As a naturally gifted clairvoyant, Sonia offers psychic readings in west midlands, providing a special chance to reach out to those who have travelled to the other side. Discover the most truthful and genuine psychic readings Birmingham can offer with Sonia now.

When seeking the services of clairvoyants in Birmingham, there are several naturally gifted psychics to choose from. The most important factor, when reaching out to a relative who has passed over, is to have faith in the clairvoyant making contact with the spirit world. Whether in times of need or simply to share old memories and feel their warmth again, the right naturally gifted psychic can present a strong connection and settle your anguish. Sonia is a most respected and dedicated clairvoyant in Birmingham, providing personal services to individuals looking to contact relatives, friends and loved ones who’ve passed away.

Mediums in Birmingham - Psychic Reading in West Midlands

Crossing over does not necessarily mean saying goodbye forever. Throughout time, psychics, sages, clairvoyants and faith healers have all provided the living with the support they may need when wishing to contact the spirits of past friends and family. Today, there are those that are gifted with the sight to reach out to the wandering spirits of past souls. As one of the leading psychics Birmingham residents can place their trust in, Sonia leads the way for many to regain lost connections. As a clairvoyant and psychic West Midlands individuals can speak to, Sonia performs professionally and sympathetically for every client.

Seeking out the best medium West Midlands has to offer, there are a handful that present a reputable level of trust and satisfaction. Being naturally gifted and able to hear, see and feel souls from the spirit world, Sonia is without a doubt one of the most respected clairvoyants operating across the West Midlands and Birmingham. Her abilities, friendly approach and sympathetic sensitivity ensure that all clients receive a dedicated and loyal service. When looking to approach any clairvoyants or mediums in Birmingham, choosing one of the most respected experts such as Sonia will bring you the satisfying results you need.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are given by Sonia at Psychic Light and Soul.

If you feel troubled, anxious about your life, work, money matters, love life, or just plain curious , give me a call at Psychic Light and Soul.

I connect with whatever is happening or going on in your life now (the living) and also the passed including people that have passed over.

For more information on Psychic Readings,Call Sonia at Psychic Light and Soul, Telephone 01902 830825 , or mobile 07970732648.

West Midlands Spiritual Counselling

If you are troubled in any way and need a little help and guidance with your life or you have lost some one close to you and you need help and support to get you through. I am here to help for West Midlands Spiritual Counselling, by Psychic Light and Soul.

No matter whatever your problem/s may be, I will not judge you, i will listen guide and help you to the best of m abilities. CONFIDENTIALITY ASSURED.

Give me a call anytime at Psychic Light and Soul to make an appointment for your West Midlands Spiritual Counselling.

Telephone 01902 830825 or mobile 07970732648. If I am unable to answer the phone straight away, please leave a message on the answer phone and your contact telephone number and I will get back to you straight away.

West Midlands Paranormal Investigations

I am available for West Midlands Paranormal investigations either for Paranormal groups/companies, corporate or private homes.

I have worked for many years investigating Spiritual activity in homes, public houses, offices, factories, schools ,prisons, churches, mansions, castles,etc

If you need my help give me a call to book your West Midlands Paranormal investigations with Psychic Light and Soul. Telephone 01902 830825 or mobile 07970732648.

“I would recommend this lady to anyone that wants a Psychic reading, everything that came up in my personal reading was bang on track. Sonia picked up both my ex partner and my new man. Sonia is so kind and friendly it's like having a chat with an old friend.”

Priya K Dudley, West Midlands

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